Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Work Area

This is where I work. On the left are the drawers of things that I use all the time. Inks, embellishments and so on. The stamps on the wall are general stamps and are used often.
The bulletin board hangs all my Nestabilities. This works GREAT!!

This is a bucket system that I found at Ikea. It is absolutely perfect for my Marvy markers. My watercolor pencils are under the lamp. Not a perfect place but the box they come in is an awkward size and I need it to be accessable.
This is my Copic area. I got this idea from another blog and ordered the little cabinets off the internet. They work pretty good.
The pink/brown/black tote is full of my "have to have out" tools. It is on a plastic turntable and is perfect for what I wanted. When I take classes, everything but my cutter is in this bag.
Oh yeah, the added decor is Lucy on her perch. Be sad for her!! She slipped outside last night and got thumped by a stray. She was terrified!! Now I have keep checking for abscesses. Poor Lucy!!!
Thanks for stopping by. Be sure and ask any questions!! I know all (lol NOT)!!


Bren said...

Love your space. I am jeolous of the copics. Love the IKEA Bukets. May need to look for those. So everything has a place. I just resorted all my stuff again. Hopefully this will be good for a while.


Anna Banana said...

I love the Ikea buckets - I also have buckets for my markers, but they are from Target and they hang on a decorative coat hook rack system that I made up - yours are so neat and tidy!
I like the way you did your Copics - those little cabinets are really nice.
Anna Banana