Monday, June 22, 2009


I've shown you the Ribbon Rings before. A great system for hanging ribbons that aren't on spools.

I bought these ribbon holders off the internet, painted them black. They work perfect of ribbon on the spools. On top of them are the small Ikea jars that are filled with color sorted buttons. Works great. The buttons on the top shelf are colors I rarely use because they aren't as accessible. Eventially I play on adding more of these ribbon shelves on my broadway play wall. That's why I'm thinking of moving all play billboard frames to the top of the windows.
The black bookshelf under the ribbon are filled with odds and ends of projects and SU stamps. The black binders are acrylics that are in acrylic page thingys. It's not a great system but it's the best I can come up with so far.

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Anna Banana said...

I like the setup for the ribbon - both the rings and the black holders . It's a shame that the buttons are so high on the one unit - I love those colors :D
Anna Banana