Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Craftroom Pic 1

This is first area I'm going to show you. I used to have white plastic drawers that sagged and just didn't work! The two black drawer units are from the Best Scrapbook Shelves. Hmmm it looks like you can look into the drawers but in reality you can't. There is a gap between them but sitting here typing, I can't see the stuff inside.
The antique wood cabinet is full of stamps. The cabinet came out of the old bank here in Condon and works great for all kind of stamps. The thinner drawers hold wood mounted stamps. The three larger drawers towards the bottom, hold cd cases full of acrylics. On top is my Big Shot and all the supplies for it are in the black cabinet to your left. It also holds all my Just Rite Stamps and edge punches. Generally stuff that I do use but not all the time.
The small baskets underneath hold the cards I have made and are categorized.
On top of the black cabinets are jars I got from Ikea and hold my flowers. Now I can quickly see what I have (they are sorted by color) and what I lack.
The black cabinet on your right holds all the "stuff" I use a lot. Tomorrow I will show how that goes together with my actual stamping area.
Thanks for looking. Stay tuned!!


Stressed Stamper said...

How neat is that - puts my "tip" area to shame!


Bren said...

Love the old cabinet. What a find. I thought maybe a library. But bank interesting.

I want to see more.

Anna Banana said...

I really LOVE this arrangement - so neat and tidy!!
One suggestion, tho - if that window behind the unit lets in light, your flowers will get faded rather quickly. Might wanna move 'em!
I left some loose paper flowers on my desk and a sheet of paper was covering one partially and in 3 days it had a severe fade mark. My window faces south, so the sun shines longer, but I thought you would want to know!
Anna Banana