Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Last Areas

These three areas haven't changed much. I have two plastic shoe holders on the front and back of the door. They hold all the puches but the edgers (I suppose I could put my edgers there too. Just haven't done it.). The computer area and the baskets next to it are for my photo editing, internet and so on. The paper area isn't the most convenient but it is sorted by color, theme and company. The baskets hold things like extra images that are stamped, stickers (not too many of those) and other goodies.
Th-th-that's all folks!!
Now on to doing some scapbooking for the two boys. Fun, fun, fun!!!
Thanks for stopping by and looking. Double thanks for posting. I enjoy reading your posts.


Littleted62 said...

Wow, you are so organised now Candy! I've been loving your posts about your craft space and have picked up some great storage ideas from you, I just wish I had so much space! Nicki, xx.

Bren said...

Wow! Your room goes on for ever and ever. Love all your ideas. I wish I had a room to myself. Maybe someday. What a wonderful space. Like the punch storage.

Anna Banana said...

You really have your stuff down!! Looks awesome and like you can find EVERYTHING!
Have you dared to work in it yet, or are you afraid of messing it up? :D

One question ... The door hangers on both sides for the punces... Aren't you afraid that the weight will ruin the door hinges? I have punches on one side only and I'm scared to add any more - I'd like to hear your opinion on that.
Anna Banana

Candy said...

I had my husband look at the hinges and so far the are holding up fine.