Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I've had a big basket full of scraps for months and months. I'm trying to get my paper more organized and I've put off this basket off as long as I can. I almost have this humongous pile of scraps sorted by plain or print (tell the truth I thought about chucking the whole pile and starting a new scrap basket). I'm kind of glad I didn't throw anything away because I've decided I have pretty good taste in paper (wink)!!! LOL

Question: How do you sort your printed scraps. By color??? If so, what about that paper that doesn't fit anywhere??? A misc pile? Comments??


Mrs. K said...

So far, I've only got them sorted into accordian files by size: one for large, barely used sheets of paper and another for half-sheet and smaller sizes. I think that if I ever sort further, it would be in groups of print, solid, and velum/special papers. - Michelle

Candy said...

I finally got all the scrap paper sorted. What a job!!! But now I can actually SEE what I have and can access it quickly.
I sorted them first by plain and patterned paper. Then I sorted each of those piles by color. I had to add a misc pile for the printed papers. Some of those scraps just didn't fit into any specific color.
All the tedious sorting was worth it in the end!!
Thank you for posting sweetie!!

Crafty Guam Girl said...

I have mine sorted by color. And for those scraps that have many colors on them, I pick a color that seems to me the predominant one. I think eventually I might have to do something else since I don't seem to go to my scraps! LOL! Hopefully one day I'll find a good way to find a good way to sort all of that in a way that I will use them! LOL!