Monday, December 29, 2008

Cricut Hint

Here is a hint about the Cricut. It seems like those darn mats just don't last long. I've seen all sort of hints on how to extend their lives. I've tried them all. Here's the best that I've found:
Use the Kokuyo Dot n Roller adhesive. Run a strip of it along the side and top, being sure to stay on the dark green. When you mount your paper be sure it covers the adhesive strips (you might need the paper a little bigger than usual). Then use your Cricut to cut whatever you want. I use all sorts of sized paper. Be sure and make sure the adhesive is not where your machine cuts. You can rub the adhesive off and add some more when needed. You will not need to stick down the entire top or side of the paper (depending on how much you cut).

I use the same mat over and over and over. Much cheaper!!!

Good luck!!!

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Mrs. K said...

What's the difference between the Cricut and the Slice? Do you have a preference?