Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mini Card Folder with four cards/Bind It All

I am going to have to use the picture off of Danica's site for this project. Someone made it and then walked out the door and forgot to take the project!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!
I loved this!! The "book" is filled with 5X7 envelopes decorated for different kinds cards...(ie birthday, get well and so on). It even has a small envelope on the inside of the cover for stamps. Then it is all put together with a Bind It All. After getting the book together, we made 4 cards to put into the envelopes. I'm going to give mine to a charity auction but I'm also going to make some more for gifts.
This class was taught by the great and creative Ms. Ronda and Ms. Maurine. Fun, fun class!!

When I get my book, I will post pics of the inside.
If you are considering a Bind It All, I must say I was impressed how easy it was to use. I put off buying one for a long time (soooo not typical of tool "junkie" me!!!) I just didn't think I'd use it. Now I can think of a ton of uses. I practiced today on plain cardboard and by jiminy I REMEMBERED HOW TO DO IT!!! EASY!!! I love it (did I already say that???).

Stay tuned for more pics!



Sharon said...

Candy: Wonderful new header for your blog! I changed the background on mine!

Heather P. said...

What a fantastic project!