Sunday, February 15, 2009


I am constantly amazed at how easy this tip is and how few people do it. I saw a beautiful card by a well known crafter the other day. She had cut out her image several times and layered it on her card for a 3D effect. Beautiful and labor intensive. She had cut right up to the black stamped lines of her images but even with the careful cutting some of the white showed on the sides. Sooooooooo I'll post this hint in hopes it helps everyone.

Hint: When you cut out your stamped image, take a marker of the same color of the stamping color you used and run it around the edge. Then dot any white that shows on top at the edge. It makes it look like you cut it perfectly!! Easy huh??

Now that I'm feeling better, cards and layouts to come. Oh yeah, tomorrow is blog candy posting day. Stay tuned!!


Karine said...

Hi Candy! Thanks for the tip! Great blog (BTW, my name is missing from your SBS 27 listing...) Anyway, looking forward to keeping in touch! Karine from SBS 27.

Lorraine Robertson said...

Super tip honey & I'm sure everyone out there will be taking your advice... TFS

Lorraine xxx

Christy Dillman said...

Fabulous tip! Looking forward to more wonderful tips, creations, and getting to know you!

Christy SBS#27

Kelly said...

Great tip - thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

Hi Candy:I've been doing that little trick for quite some time now, and it really does make a cut image look better without the white bits showing.