Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good News lol

I am offially DONE playing Tibia (the computer game I was hooked on). The first clue that I needed to move on, my hips were killing me and I couldn't figure it out. Did some thinking and realized I was spending hours sitting in one place playing that damn game.

Second clue: The laundry was hitting the roof of the laundry room.
Third clue: The refrigerator was bare.
Fourth clue: My family threatened to divorce me (haha not really but close).

Looking back, what a colossal waste of time!!! Sheesh!!!

I got some big card orders, made up the 3 sympathy cards and forgot to take pics. I have graduation cards to make so I hope to remember this time TO TAKE PICTURES.

Also, I will have another blog candy soon with the last of the nestabilities that I double ordered (duh on me). Stay tuned.
Thanks for sticking it out during my addiction. Do they have a group for computer game addicts?????

PS I got my shelving from The Best Scrapbook Shelf. Stay tuned once more for pictures of it in my craftroom. Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!


Littleted62 said...

I daren't even look at the game Candy, I just know I'd get hooked! Welcome back to blogland, lol. Nicki, xx.

Angie said...

Welcome back to bloggy,
Looking forward to seeing more crafting inspirations now,