Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Miss Ronda

There are tons of talented card makers/scrapbookers (including you people!!) out there. Sometimes you meet someone whom you just click with, right?? Well I have a friend that meets both of these criterias..........................let me introduce you to Miss Ronda from Danica's Scrapbooking. EVERYONE at Danica's is so creative but I'm highlighting Ronda because of a card.
Ronda has more creativity in her pinkie than I do my whole body!! Her projects are usually simplistic and that is what I tend to love.
She sent me a birthday card that is just so much fun but also simplistic. See, she doesn't buy/have all the go gahs that I have to have. But she creates the best cards!!!

Here is a birthday card she sent me. I laughed and laughed when I got it. It's just so funny and sweet at the same time.
Oh yeah, the inside says,
"In this day and AGE, life is so uncertain!! Just Eat the frosting."
Please note the fake cute!!