Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crop-A-Dile Big Bite

I bought one of these when I went on my birthday craft shopping day. It took me a full 15 minutes to get it out of the packaging. Now mind you, that was just the Big Bite!!! It took me another 5+ minutes to get to the directions!!! And guess what!!!! The sheet of paper said INSTRUCTIONS in English but everything else was in French!! I finally found the instructions on a scrap of cardboard and it was white typing on baby blue. Ya can't read it!!!! Sheesh!!!
Anyway, whoever invented that hard plastic, heat sealed at the edges packaging should be shot!!! Anyone with arthritis simply would not be able to open it!!! And can I return it if I choose??? Not a chance!!! Grrrrr!!

I haven't used it yet but I seems heavy although it is designed to "stand" on the table not like the basic Crop-A-Dile.

I would love to hear from you that have one. Comments???



lilacanglia said...

I dont have one, but I agree with all that type of packaging, doesnt do any good for our hands or the earth, boxes would be better for recycling or altering, lol

Bogner's said...

I believe if you go to HSN.COM you can search for the big bite and they usually have a video demonstrating the process of using the product. You know the video that is trying to show how easy it is so you will purchase one! I don't remember where I saw it, but there are some scissors out there that I believe are called Shark something and it is used to easily open those hard plastic heat sealed packages... from the infomercial I saw on those, it makes it really easy, you just run them down the side of the plastic on all four sides and wha-la, an easy opened package (don't know if that works, just saw it in an infomercial and thought it "could" work!)

Chrissy's Creations said...

I have one and ugh I've probably used it twice. It is heavy and it doesn't seem to want to sit on the table but it kind of leans to the right. hahahhaa sounds silly, I know, but it does!

JanJ said...

I don't have one of those bad boys yet, just the normal Crop-a-dile, which I think is fab, be interested to hear how you get on with it.

I agree that sort of packaging is ridiculous, I hate anything packaged up like that, so difficult to get into and so much plastic waste too!

Have fun

Jan x

ms.cheryl said...

It looks like I have the only perfect Big Bite. I love mine. I bought it on HSN or QVC (can't remember which)and immediately on it's arrival my daughter unpackaged it and we have used it several times. It's easy to use, it stands perfectly and it doesn't take up too much stotage space. I didn't know there were instructions. Oh well, I guess we didn't need them.We haven't had any problems with it.
I HATE that type of packaging. It must be really cheap for the companies to prefer it. My daughter got an opener from the container store and it works like a charm. thanks, ms.cheryl

MommaJess said...

I have a Big Bite, I got it for Christmas and I LOVE it. I have used it tons and it has been a great tool for me. I will say that I agree with you on the packaging and I completely had no idea where hte instructions were until my husband pointed out that they wre at the bottom of the cardboard insert. I cut that out and then I refer to it when I can't remember what settings to use.

Squelly said...

Oh, I hope you end up liking it...I love mine for setting things in the middle of pages and whatnot. I had a regular one too but have gotten rid of it since getting the larger version. I think once you get the chance to use it it'll be great!! Good luck! :-)

cloudofdreams said...

I bought one months ago and it is still sitting here unopened never used!! LOL Maybe one day I will use it for something. I just haven't needed it yet. I have heard for several they are a must have tool.
A lot of the scrapbooking tools come in HARD to open packages.

Juanita said...

I just purchased the Big Bite II a couple of days ago. Reason? I am a dabbler in crafts and sewing and it was a bargain! Purchased it for $12.50 at the Palmer Park Walmart in Colorado Springs. It was on clearance, they are undergoing a remodel. I agree the packaging is horrible, used my kitchen shears to finally get it open. When I found the directions my reaction was "you've got to be kidding me!" I have "old" eyes and there is no way, even with my contacts in and reading glasses that I could read them. Googled Big Bite and went to where there is a link to print off directions written in English and reader friendly. Hope I like my purchase! :-)

Betsy said...

Thanks Juanita. I have those instructions, but also saw this at the bottom "See product package for more detailed instructions and the setting guide for correct block placement." Has anyone been able to find the "correct block instructions"...that are actually readable?

Christa said...

I got the Big Bite yesterday on clearance at walmart ($20). I've been making a chipboard and cardstock album. I didnt previously have anything that would neatly/easily go through the thicker chipboard. The big bite went EASILY through it on the first try. Soooo glad I bought it. After punching the holes for the album, I set eyelets into the cover to reinforce the holes. Works like a charm and doesn't really have any learning curve.

Christa said...

Forgot to add to my first comment- the front packaging on mine was perforated around the actual crop a dile so it was extremely easy to get out. The instructions on the other hand was more difficult to get out of the packaging.