Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year's Resolutions So Far.....

1. I will get my Score It out of the box and learn how to use it....COMPLETED WITH SCORE PAL)
2. I will use my Cricut Expressons machine.....(I've only had it for months!!)COMPLETED
3. I will organize my craftroom and discard, discard and discard stuff that I will never use or I'm sick of. COMPLETED!!
4. I shall figure out this blogging!!!! GETTING THERE!!



Anna Banana said...

When you get your scor-it or score-pal or whatever your machine happens to be - out of it's box, DO NOT throw away the tips on how to use it sheet ... trust me.

terriavidreader said...

Resolution is to try and visit at least one new blog every day!

terriavidreader said...

Hey, don't forget to recycle. Something you are tired of, may be perfect for someone else! Offer it up and see if anyone snags it!