Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Final Christmas Card

Here's the final Christmas card. I may add a few more rhinestones here and there but basically this is what it is going to look like. It takes time to make that final special card that you are going to mass produce. If it's a one-of-a- kind then I do whatever I like but, if I'm going to make a lot of the same card, I try not to over do to save my sanity. I don't know if anyone else does that but I have to. Otherwise my poor household pays the consequences for my stress & bad humor!!

I gave this blog addy to all my family. Only heard from two of them and they didn't leave a post sooooooooo there will be an extra Christmas present under the tree for the first member of my immediate family that posts a comment!!! We'll see who really reads this!!

And welcome to my friend Char. Sisters of the heart lady!!!


Mrs. K said...


I love your Christmas card prototype! You are way ahead of far the design for mine this year is still inside my head. Maybe over Thanksgiving weekend...

Michelle (in Athena)

Candy said...

Oh thank you Michelle!!! Are you teaching????

Mrs. K said...

I am subbing this year and have been kept pretty busy with just this one school district. Right now I'm working full time to replace a kindergarten teacher who is on maternity leave until after Christmas. (Yay! for shopping money!)

Candy said...

So are you done Christmas shopping?
Did Karen & Dave going to Hawaii interfere with you guys' shopping??

Are you coming down for Dave's retirement party???

Mrs. K said...

I am definitely not done with Christmas shopping. There's always a last minute panic. We went to Portland last weekend, but I'm headed to TriCities tomorrow to look for a couple crucial items. I hope the storm doesn't slow me down.

Won't make it to Dave's party, but wished him a happy retirement when I saw them last.

PS What is a "Slice"?

Candy said...

We definitely need to get together and go shopping. I'm not really a shopping enthusiast anymore but I'm a "eating out" pro!!!!

Good luck shopping. Here's a link to The Slice. It's a small, portable die cut machine.