Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stampin Up

I am super bored today but I am still recovering from this darn cold. Out of desparation I got out all of those plastic boxes of Stampin Up stamps that I've boughten and never got mounted. Most go back to the days where you had to trim them yourself. YUCK!! I remembered why I didn't buy SU way back when. I decided, however that I had invested in them, so I should get them done. I turned on the TiVo and started trimming and mounting. I got them done and distributed them to the appropriate areas according to theme. I don't keep them in their cases because I never use them when I can't see them. I have to see them when I open that drawer!!!
Is there anything cool to do with those plastic cases?? I don't need storage so that's out. Any ideas out there????


Bogner's said...

I have seen a tutorial where a lady used her SU box to do the "marble technique." You put one or two drops of reinker... in one or two colors and then roll your marble around on the drops to ink them up. Then you put your paper against the lid portion of the box, close the box and continue to roll the marbles around to get that marbled look on the paper.

Angi said...

I use the cases to store cards by category, after they are finished. I also keep all pens in a case, it is very easy to transport supplies on the go in these little boxes

Renée said...

I've used the cases to do all sorts of things ... storage for ink refills, wheel inks, sponges, sponge daubers, and even covered them and put an accordion album inside!