Monday, September 14, 2009

Who's the Best??

I just finished a project where I used Perfect Pearls, Shimmerz and Smooches. Here's how I would rate them.

1st Place (by a long mile) SMOOCHES
2nd Place............................Shimmerz
And never again.................Perfect Pearls

The Smooches were soooooo easy to use. I was "coloring" tiny places. Absolutely no comparison with the Perfect Pearls. The Smooches applicator MAKES them easy to apply. Therefore, I rated them over the Shimmerz. I'll take the Smooches anytime!!!!!

BTW, I'm buying the 8 new colors of Smooches. Absolutely love them!!!


1 comment:

Ronda said...

I never used the smooches much, i like the shimmerz for a different purpose than the perfect pearls. you would use them for a whole different look and purpose. so sorry they didn't work for you. you are a wonderful lady. funny gal. a little cracked but hey who isn't. sure was fun to see you the other day. hope your page turned out. how did the parachute work out?