Friday, July 10, 2009

March through July Calendar Pages

After working days and into the nights, I have 7 months done. All the little parts are colored, cut out, punched, glittered and whatever.
However, the laundry is out the door and multiplies as I type, there is only Watermelon and Cantaloupe to eat in the fridge. So on to laundry and cooking for awhile!!


Angie said...

These are superb,
dont worry the laundry will still be there later, lol, mine still is,
Have a super weekend,

Mrs. K said...

I love them all; especially that cute rabbit! You have a great sense of balance in your designs, Candy.

Littleted62 said...

I'm loving your calendar pages, I really like the handwritten style of the dates and all the little details on each page. Nicki, xx